Run, Run, as Fast as you Can!

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Run, run as fast as you can from the village and over the river to safety. This exciting, award winning game is suited to 2 to 4 players aged 4 and over, and involves a specific amount of strategy. Each player starts by assembling a jigged gingerbread man, and placing their colour-matched gingerbread man playing piece in the bakery ready to start out the game. The other 'chaser' character playing pieces (the baker, cow and horse) are put into position on the board. The very first player throws both dice; the brown die determines the amount of spaces they could move their player piece towards the river, while the red die determines the number of spaces they are able to move any of the chaser characters towards other players' playing pieces. Players have to avoid the chaser characters while attempting to move them towards the opposite playing pieces. If the chaser lands for the same square as someone's playing piece, that player loses a piece of his jigged gingerbread man. They can obtain the piece back should they later land over a bowl square; if they lose all of their gingerbread man pieces, they have to return for the bakery at the start to become made whole again. If the player reaches the river and it has their jigged gingerbread man intact, they are able to try to cross the river by spinning the spinner. As long as the spinner does not point with a fox, they can cross the river for the safety with the gingerbread house to win the game. Made with durable recycled board, this game will probably be a long-lasting favourite while helping kids with maths skills.

You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!Run as fast as you can over the village and within the river to safety, but be cautious - everyone wants to adopt a bite from you!Age: 4+Players: 2-4

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